Fuck Yeah Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik Is Hilarious

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hangthemortician asked: I go to school with a guy who looks like Anthony Jeselnik.

Yeah okay, il believe it when I see it.

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missingthe80sandhotpeople asked: Im glad him and Amy Schumy broke up she was so fuckin ugly. When is he gonna find someone gorgeous who knows he's a king to take care of him?



Aw, I like Amy.
BUT you couldn’t be more right here. I know how to treat a king. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones, so.
Ughhh he had a show tonight about 2 hours from here and I didn’t go :(

Soon if i have anything to do with it ;).

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i highly recommend that all of you start watching Anthony Jeselnik do a special or watch his show “the jeselnik offensive” or even YouTube clips of him, (if you don’t already). he’s a great comedian and has the best jokes overall. he’s been my favorite comedian now for a long time and i think that all of you would really enjoy his jokes. that’s all, thank you.

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